Friday, April 27, 2012

Once upon a time, I had a decision to make.  After four years as Sports Editor of the Tufts Daily, my college newspaper, I could either  attend medical school or try to make a go of it as a writer.  I am reminded of that decision as I contemplate my 25th college reunion  next month.  Two of my colleagues at Tufts went “pro”; Tony Massorratti covers the Red Sox for the Boston Globe and Matt Bai is the Politcal Editor for the New York Times magazine.
All in all, I think I may be the luckiest of the three.  I am a family doctor here in Albemarle, North Carolina and get to write an occasional column for the Stanly News and Press.  Here is my first venture into the world of Sports Blogging....

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  1. You are an awesome DOCTOR...Glad you are my Doc. Jodi Wahab