Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big Brother

Not that any Bobcat fan should be jealous of the New Orleans Hornets but have you noticed that the Hornets, and the name should belong to Charlotte NOT New Orleans, seems to get in our way like an obnoxious older brother.

Tonight, the Hornets stole Anthony Davis from us courtesy of David Stern and his ridiculous "draft lottery" rule which adds insult to injury for the team with the worst record in the NBA.  Memo to David Stern, the Bobcats lost because they were bad not because they tanked it to get the first pick in the draft! 

And looks more unscrupulous that the New York Knicks got Patrick Ewing, that the Spurs got Tim Duncan and that Cleveland got Lebron James than it would have if the Bobcats landed the rightly entitled shot at Anthony Davis.  Instead, the Hornets who are currently OWNED by the NBA get to choose Davis.

It would not be so bad if it were not the team who got Chris Paul instead of us (the Bobcats actually declined a deal that would have given us Paul for what turned out to be Raymond Felton and Sean May).  And they took away Omeka Okafor one of our most talented players ever for Tyson Chandler who decided that he could not play up to his usual level while wearing a Bobcat uniform.

My hope is that the Bobcats will draft Michael Kidd Gilchrist with the second pick though I can only imagine who Michael Jordan will choose with the pick.  Does Adam Morrison have a kid brother?



I love the back and talk between the Panther players and the 49er players.  It started with Alex Smith suggesting that he is the better QB than Cam Newton because his team went 13-3 last year and the Panthers went 6-10.

So Jon Beason called him out on it which led to Patrick Willis defending his QB from statements made by Beason.

I simply wonder whether the Panthers are actively calling the 49ers in hopes of landing Smith in an even up trade for Cam.......End of Argument!


So this is my second blog and I heard basically nothing about my first.  My wife claims that people  told her that they read it but I am not so sure.  I think I might be the only one who wife clearly did not!

All feedback is accepted!

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  1. Hi Doc,

    Good job on the blog! I look forward to football season, and your observations of what I hope will be an awesome season for the Panthers. You make your points clear and concise, perhaps potential feedback leavers are intimidated. :)

    You do realize this dual talent sort of makes you a modern-day Dr Francis Kron, right?